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who is she?

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Alyssa LeClair is a singer/actor from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada - but usually she just tells people Toronto because that's easier for all of us.

Alyssa started singing in the Hamilton Children's Choir when she was 10, after her parents were done with her singing at the dinner table. She credits the choir with helping her develop her voice and achieve things beyond what she thought a fat little girl from Hamilton could ever achieve.

She left Hamilton in pursuit of a degree in Global Development at Queen's University, but instead ended up with a Degree in Theatre. After doing numerous shows (favourites include Little Shop of Horrors - dir. Sarah Bruckshwaiger, Candide - dir. Tim Fort, & Counter Service - dir. Craig Walker), she decided to pursue a Masters in Music at NYU.

Moving to New York City was equal parts terrifying and incredible, and let Alyssa further develop her craft. She graduated from NYU in 2015, singing for over 35,000 people at Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium.

Now, Alyssa is a blonde, with BANGS! She's always looking for the next best emotional girl song to cry to, hanging out with her dog, or watching YouTube videos of dogs. She also loves being from Hamilton, even though it's easier to tell you she's from Toronto. 


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